Bringing People and Housing
Together with Quality
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Integrated Community Solutions, Inc.

Integrated Community Solutions, Inc. (ICS) is a values driven, non-profit corporation committed to providing human services that benefit the low to moderate income and disabled populations. We aim at achieving our mission by identifying client needs, providing assistance through a variety of programs, and connecting clients to other community resources to meet those needs. Together with various government agencies, ICS manages those programs to serve individuals and families throughout Brown County, Wisconsin. It is this privatization of government programs that allows for efficiency and cost effectiveness.

ICS will assist with rental payments, homeownership, and, above all, self-sufficiency for eligible applicants. Within these programs, ICS links clients to educational programs, job training, community service opportunities and other resources to pursue a better, empowered lifestyle.

The Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List is now open.

Upcoming Events:

Fair Housing Training Seminar for Rental Property Managers

Monday April 20th from 6-8pm at the Brown County Central Library.   Please click here for more information and registration instructions.

Green Bay Police Department will be hosting Landlord Training Sessions

The Green Bay Police will hold a free landlord training seminar on April 20th from 1-4:30 pm and another on April 22nd  from 5-8:30 pm at the Green Bay Police Department, 307 S. Adams Street, Green Bay. The seminars will cover the best practices for landlords, landlord-tenant dispute resolution, lease laws, whether landlords can be billed by police for tenants and complaint inspection procedures.  To register for the April 20th session, visit To register for the April 22nd session, visit Contact Michelle Arneson at (920) 448-3249 with questions about either session.

Our Mission

Bringing people together with quality services that promote self sufficiency.

Bringing people together with quality services
that promote self sufficienBringing people together with quality services

that promote self sufficiency.

Our Vision

ICS will be a leader in providing opportunities for self sufficiency in Wisconsin. We will internalize our values and live them every day. ICS will be a dynamic, progressive organization that embraces change and reaches for new opportunities constantly. We will develop an atmosphere that is honest, forthright and cares about each others success. We will celebrate debate and expect it to be practiced at all levels of the organization. All leaders will be progressive, self-reliant thinkers who take responsibility for the success of their areas and are not afraid to take risks in the pursuit of success. ICS will practice a "hard charging" style. Accountability is an integral part of our vision and we will enforce it with each other. The value of integration and partnerships will be clearly understood and a routine part of our culture.  ICS will hire and retain leaders who are visionary, creative, energetic role models for the organization. Our leadership team will all share a keen sense of urgency.

We will strive to achieve economic independence through organizational, individual, and community self sufficiency.

Our Values

  • Seeing What Could Be
  • Living To Potential
  • Never Being Satisfied
  • Investing In People's Success