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Integrated Community Solutions, Inc.

Integrated Community Solutions, Inc. (ICS) is a values driven, non-profit corporation committed to providing human services that benefit the low to moderate income populations. We aim at achieving our mission by identifying client needs, providing assistance through a variety of programs, and connecting clients to other community resources to meet those needs. Together with various government agencies, ICS manages those programs to serve individuals and families throughout several counties within Wisconsin (Brown, Manitowoc and Washington Counties). It is this privatization of government programs that allows for efficiency and cost effectiveness.

ICS will assist with rental payments, homeownership, and, above all, self-sufficiency for eligible applicants. Within these programs, ICS links clients to educational programs, job training, community service opportunities and other resources to pursue a better, empowered lifestyle.



Landlord Meeting

Attention landlords!  ICS is hosting a Landlord Meeting on Wednesday, October 16th at 1:00 PM! Join us for an informational and Q&A session focusing on our HQS Inspection process. If you are interested, please RSVP to Nicole Ley at 920-496-1944 or by Friday, October 11th.

Due to the popularity of the inspection topic, no tables will be put out so we will have enough space for everyone. If you need something to write on please bring a clipboard.


ICS Holiday Assistance

Winter Berries

ICS Ladder of Hope would like to help make your holidays a little brighter.  We will be providing ready to make Thanksgiving Meals and Holiday Gifts for Christmas.  To reach our Holiday Assistance Interest Form, click here.  Interest Forms accepted through October 18, 2019.  Quantities are limited.



Our Mission

Bringing people together with quality services that promote self sufficiecy.

that promote self sufficienBringing people together with quality services

that promote self sufficiency.


Our Vision

ICS will be a leader in providing opportunities for self sufficiency in Wisconsin. We will internalize our values and live them every day. ICS will be a dynamic, progressive organization that embraces change and reaches for new opportunities constantly. We will develop an atmosphere that is honest, forthright and cares about each others success. We will celebrate debate and expect it to be practiced at all levels of the organization. All leaders will be progressive, self-reliant thinkers who take responsibility for the success of their areas and are not afraid to take risks in the pursuit of success. ICS will practice a "hard charging" style. Accountability is an integral part of our vision and we will enforce it with each other. The value of integration and partnerships will be clearly understood and a routine part of our culture.  ICS will hire and retain leaders who are visionary, creative, energetic role models for the organization. Our leadership team will all share a keen sense of urgency.

We will strive to achieve economic independence through organizational, individual, and community self sufficiency.

Our Values

Seeing What Could Be

Living To Potential

Never Being Satisfied

Investing In People's Success


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