Integrated Community Solutions, Inc. has over three decades of extensive and varied experience in administering housing and social service programs in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and the Brown County area. ICS had its origins in 1974 as a part of a national housing experiment.  Brown County was selected by HUD as one of two sites for testing a major innovation in national housing policy. The Housing Allowance Experiment in Brown County and in St. Joseph County, Indiana , provided direct monthly assistance to low-income homeowners and renters. They were allowed to find their own housing subject to housing quality standards. This experiment, scheduled to run ten years, began phasing out in 1982 by changing the renter participants to the Section 8 Rental Assistance program. This program is now known as the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

In July 1997, the Housing Allowance Office of Brown County, Inc. officially changed its name to Integrated Community Services, Inc. (ICS, later Integrated Community Solutions). ICS, a non-profit corporation, is committed to its defined mission of bringing people and housing together with quality services that promote self-sufficiency throughout Wisconsin. The agency fulfills this mission by acting as a catalyst in the development of programs which evolve from appraisals of community resources and needs. In partnership with various governmental bodies, alternative and cost-effective methods of program administration and management are provided. The new name more accurately reflects the mission and purpose of the agency.

Today ICS serves the community through a variety of programs including the Housing Choice Voucher rental assistance program, Family Self-Sufficiency, Homeownership and various Self-Sufficiency programs.