Staff Recognition

Wendy Bushman was awarded a Legislative Citation sponsored by Senator Dave Hansen

Wendy Bushman is one of the rare people in this world, that does everything conceivable for others first.  Wendy has spent decades serving the communities in Brown County and continues to make a difference to this day, in the lives of so many.

Wendy understands that each person or family she serves is unique, both in family composition but also in life history. She takes the time to learn about each person to see the world through their eyes, and because of this approach she has built an immense amount of trust and respect from those she has helped to serve.

Wendy's tenderness, compassion, and kindheartedness make her special to Integrated Community Solutions and an asset beyond all others here in Brown County.

Wendy was hired July 13, 1977, ( this July will be here 38th year ). Wendy has held positions as a Client Services Technician, a Client Services Specialist, and most recently as a Housing Specialist.

Wendy has a Sociology degree from St Norbert College.

Wendy currently manages a caseload of Housing Choice Voucher Participants as well as serves as the facilitator on the Resident Advisory Board.  While Wendy is responsible for the case management of over 400 program participants, she does more than just process annual reviews for her clients, she takes the time to develop a rapport with her clients and personally invests in their success.  Wendy's role on the Resident Advisory Board allows her to actively engage with program participants on an alternate level, she empowers them to have a voice and express their opinions and ideas in regards to the administration of the program.

Beyond her standard ICS responsibilities, Wendy also finds time to volunteer on the Village of Allouez Beautification Committee, she champions the Pair and a Spare Campaign, and assists in leading the Homeless Hygiene Campaign.

The best way to exemplify Wendy is directly from those she has serve over the years. The following is direct feedback given by some of Wendy's clients.

· "I was able to "turn things around" with her help"

· "Thank you for your "extra effort"

· "Wendy was very nice and explained everything in detail, very personable and good at what she does."

· "My caseworker is Wendy B. and she is awesome and fantastic.  It is great to know that I am in good hands with her and I appreciate everything she does for me, she is a blessing."

· "Wendy Bushman was very courteous and professional.  Wendy is a wonderful lady!"

· "Wendy was very nice and professional."

· "Wendy has always answered my phone calls and helped me with any questions.  She is awesome!"

· "Wendy was wonderful to deal with."


Wendy Commendation