Ladder of Hope Foundation

Ladder Of Hope Foundation Vision

The Ladder of Hope is uniquely designed to assist in filling gaps that exist in society between government support and self-sufficiency.  The funding that encompasses ICS' Ladder of Hope is directly used in this process and specifically impacts our clients.  The process (or steps on the ladder) provide a map for success for those clients working within ICS' programs and The Ladder of Hope.  The Ladder of Hope provides opportunities for our clients to work with social experts, businesses, and agencies that can provide guidance and education necessary to achieving self-sufficiency and freedom from government assistance.  Additionally, the Ladder of Hope provides spirit lifting and morale building possibilities for our clients that are comprised entirely from our donors.  ICS' Ladder of Hope Foundation is focused on making a difference in our community through the generous support of our neighbors, friends, and associates.


Ladder of Hope Spending Report - 2017

Ladder of Hope Spending Report - 2016