Ladder of Hope Foundation

Ladder Of Hope Foundation Vision

The Ladder of Hope is uniquely designed to assist in filling gaps that exist in society between government support and self-sufficiency.  The funding that encompasses ICS' Ladder of Hope is directly used in this process and specifically impacts our clients.  The process (or steps on the ladder) provide a map for success for those clients working within ICS' programs and The Ladder of Hope.  The Ladder of Hope provides opportunities for our clients to work with social experts, businesses, and agencies that can provide guidance and education necessary to achieving self-sufficiency and freedom from government assistance.  Additionally, the Ladder of Hope provides spirit lifting and morale building possibilities for our clients that are comprised entirely from our donors.  ICS' Ladder of Hope Foundation is focused on making a difference in our community through the generous support of our neighbors, friends, and associates.


ICS Ladder of Hope Foundation is offering a $2,000 Scholarship for the 2019 Fall Semester!

Applications will be accepted through May 24, 2019.  Winning applicant will be notified by June 7, 2019.

Please click here for the Application and Scholarship Requirements.

See what a past ICS Ladder of Hope Scholarship recipient had to say:

"The Ladder of Hope Scholarship has tremendously helped me finish the nursing program. I do not receive financial aid and my tuition was expensive. Through this scholarship I was able to fulfill the payment for spring semester, thankfully. Spring semester was my last semester that needed to be complete in order to graduate the Practical Nursing Program. I am so grateful to have been the recipient for this scholarship because being a part of the health field is challenging and expensive. I had to decrease my hours from full-time to casual in order to make school a priority. I was hardly able to pay bills, and I definitely could not afford to pay for spring classes out of pocket. This scholarship has not only impacted my education in a positive way, but has also impacted me in a positive way. Once I reach my educational goals, I too will donate a scholarship to a recipient in need." - an excerpt from last year's scholarship recipient's testimonial


"Feeding our Families" Event

"Feeding our Families" is an event sponsored by Integrated Community Solutions, Inc. Ladder of Hope.  At this event we donate 2 prepared bags with a variety of food items to 100 households.  This event is open to all Brown County Residents in need of help with food.

The event will be held in the parking lot at the ICS Office at 2605 S. Oneida St from 2:00-4:00pm on Wednesday June 19th, 2019.  Quantities however are limited and will be provided only to the first 100 households.

Contact Lori with any questions about the event at or 920-496-1936.


Ladder of Hope Spending Reports

Ladder of Hope Spending Report - 2017

Ladder of Hope Spending Report - 2016