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For your convenience, we are now offering to our tenants a new secure, online service called AssistanceCheck.  This service allows you to view information about your assistance, contact us directly, and update your case file, any time of the day or night, saving you the time and trouble it takes to come in to an appointment or contact us on the phone.

In order to use AssistanceCheck, you must first create an account online at www.assistancecheck.com.  You will need to contact ICS to obtain your Personal Identification Number (PIN).  You can call us at 920-498-3737.


HOW do I apply for Rental Assistance?

Pick up an application at our front desk or print one online by click on the link below.

Preliminary Application (636 KB)

Solicitud Preliminar - Spanish (2502 KB)

Once you have a completed** application, submit it by mail to:
ICS Attn: PA
2605 S Oneida St Suite 106
Green Bay, WI 54304

** Incomplete applications will be returned to you and may delay the application process.

WHERE can I apply for Rental Assistance?

Applications are available at the Integrated Community Solutions office, located at 2605 S Oneida St., Suite 106, in Green Bay.

Application packets are also available at the following locations:

  1. Aging & Disability Resource Center
  2. Brown County Human Services
  3. Brown County Veterans Services Office
  4. Catholic Charities
  5. Cerebral Palsy Center
  6. Family Services Crisis Center
  7. Encompass Child Care
  8. Marion B. Warpinski Community Center
  9. Multicultural Center
  10. The Salvation Army
  11. St. Vincent de Paul
  12. The Wisconsin Job Center

WHO is eligible for Rental Assistance through the Housing Choice Voucher Program?

  • You will qualify based on your income and the size of your household:

Income Limits ($)

1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person 5 Person 6 Person 7 Person 8 Person
28,850 32,950 37,050 41,150 44,450 47,750 51,050 54,350
  • Only households LIVING IN Brown County, WORKING IN Brown County or HIRED TO WORK IN Brown County will receive preference.
    • Application rank with consideration of the Brown County residency & employment preference is as follows:
      1. Residents displaced by government action related to public improvements or development, or displaced due to natural disaster (and not residing in standard replacement housing)
      2. Households where the head, co-head or spouse meets one of the following criteria:
        • Households that are Homeless**
        • Veteran**
        • Age 62 or Older**
        • Person with a Disability**
      3. Households with children (age 18 and under) in the household**
      4. Brown County residents not meeting the Criteria of #1, #2, or #3
      5. Non-Brown County residents / those who are not working in Brown County

** Documentation of these preferences and the identity of all household members must be provided with your application.

NOTE: A Preliminary Application, Proof of Brown County Residence or Employment & Proof of the Preferences must be submitted for your application to be considered and placed on the correct waiting list. Incomplete applications will be returned for completion. Violent, criminal or drug-related crimes may disqualify your household for HCV program benefits.

HOW LONG is the wait for Rental Assistance?

Applications are accepted by time and date order under each preference. You will receive notification in the mail about the receipt of your application and your eligibility. The letter you receive will give you our best estimate of your expected wait time, based on the information available to us at the time of your application. The current waitlist time frames are listed below.  Please note that the listed time frames are for those who are currently applying.  If you have already applied, your wait time may not be reflected here.

ICS must be notified in writing of any address or household changes after submitting your application. Verbal notifications will not be accepted.

* Please note that these time frames are estimated and change based on a number of factors.  These are listed just to give applicants a frame of reference as to what their expected wait time could be so they can plan accordingly.

Application Preference Estimated Time on Waitlist
Elderly, Disabled, Homeless, or Veterans 3-6 months
Households with children under 18 y/o 12+ months
Other Brown County Residents 18+ months
Applicants from outside of Brown County 5+ years

* For more information on which households qualify for these preferences, see the "WHO is eligible to apply" section above.